Sunday, July 30, 2006

29 July 2006

29 July 2006
Left at 6:30AM on board a turboprop seaplane heading for the Horizontal Falls about 200km away. After flying over the mist covered peninsular we arrived at the falls and circled a few times for photos. As soon as we landed on Talbot Bay a boat was ready to whisk us to the falls. There are two falls with the second one being narrower and much rougher. After circle below the first falls for photos we built up speed and plowed through for an exhilarating ride. The second fall was too rough to navigate so we headed back through the first falls to a catamaran for breakfast and to meet the resident Nurse sharks! After breakfast we headed back through the first falls which was almost calm as the tide was about to turn. The second falls was now navigable so we shot though twice for a couple of magic rides. We spent some time admiring the landscape and coral reef and watch the tide turn before heading back to Talbot Bay for the flight home. The flight home was over the Buccaneer Archipelago at 200m to Cape Levique where we gained height and headed for Broome with sightings of whales, dolphins, turtles and dugongs. Once home we had lunch and relaxed before heading to Cable Beach for our sunset camel ride aboard Elvis the newly caught and trained wild camel - what a beautifully behaved animal!

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Anonymous said...

Hello and Hi from SA.
Very cold down here. Tried to send you SMS.
Trust you guys are well and having loads of fun.
Do you still have email contact? The photos look stunning and the places you are seeing. Will have to make a plan and see for myself.

God Bless and take care